FlyteComm is an information services company that aggregates real-time air and ground data from multiple data providers into a secure, browser based geospatial application service. FlyteComm uses the data that is sent to its service from public and private sources, to provide intelligent geospatial air and ground logistics information, reporting, emergency alerting as well as other capabilities designed to meet users operational needs. 

FlyteComm's service is used by customers in industry, local, state and federal law enforcement, fire and first responders. With today?s fiscal pressures the FlyteComm services save money, while improving operational efficiency. Founded in 2000, FlyteComm's corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California.

Aviation Division Products

FlyteSource™ Real-time data feed for development environments
FlyteTrax III™
Powerful real-time flight monitoring tool
WebTrax™ Adds flight tracking capabilities to a website


FlyteComm has a wealth of experience and a rich history of innovation. The company was founded by former FAA employees who were intimately involved with the design and development of the FAA's Traffic Management System from which real-time aircraft data is obtained. The founders identified an emerging business need for accurate, real-time flight information from an independent source and set about creating solutions to provide it.

FlyteComm lead the creation of this new market of flight intelligence. In the past only commercial flight data was publicly available. The company spent 13 months securing the release of general aviation flight data by working directly with organizations that represent this facet of aviation to lobby the FAA. These organizations include the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association, the National Business Aviation Association, the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association, the National Air Transport Association, and the Helicopter Association International.

The company was responsible for many technical innovations. For example, FlyteComm defined security parameters to protect the security of general aviation and has lead the development of several subsequent programs to continue this security effort. FlyteComm also pioneered the use of data sources such as the Internet and satellite, data formats such as XML, was the first to offer a web based graphical and textual flight tracking capability, and continues to lead with innovative and industry-leading products. In 1995, FlyteComm introduced a Linux based FlyteTrax system that utilized the Internet for data communications. In 1996, as covered in the August issue of Air & Space Magazine, FlyteComm introduced WebTrax, the first web-based flight tracking system available anywhere.

Also unique to FlyteComm is a mission critical architecture provides extreme reliability and allows data to be served to any location with no interruptions. Multiple hosting locations are used along with a nationwide communication backbone, and redundant Sun Enterprise server hardware tied to an Oracle back-end system.

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