FlyteTrax III? - Next generation browser-based flight tracking system

FlyteTrax III combines intuitive graphics, innovative map technology and an integrated Flight Information Display (FID) that shows enroute flights, weather and flight listings all in one powerful product.  Whether tracking commercial or General Aviation aircraft, FlyteTrax III gives the user the ability to see both proposed flight departures as well as enroute flight details. Built on the latest technology, FlyteTrax III processes and validates key data elements from multiple sources-all simultaneously. Tracking flights has never been easier and more accurate with minute-by-minute updates. Request a 'Free' Trial

Key Features and Benefits -

Browser based: 
Accessible from any PC utilizing Internet Explorer. No client software to install and maintain.
Powerful Aircraft Situation Display (ASD): 
Main ASD view can be customized to meet your specific needs, including: flights displayed, colors, map type, zoom level, weather options and more.
Integrated Flight Information Display (FID): 
View flight information on both a graphical map view as well as a textual listing of both en-route and proposed flights.
Airport Zoom Feature: 
Multiple pop-up windows, allow you to zoom in on specific airports while maintaining an overview look on the main screen.
Multiple map views: 
Utilizing Microsoft's MapPoint technology, Worldwide maps are available in 9 detailed map options.
Powerful filtering tools allow refined searches from single aircraft to the whole air space. Multiple filters can be overlaid.
Weather Overlays: 
Satellite and Radar overlays provide a realistic view of the air space.
On Demand Reports: 
Instantly create real-time reports that allow management to make better decisions on allocation of resources.
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