Guardian™ — Logistical Situational Awareness for Commercial and Goverment Operations Centers
Guardian integrates data from multiple logistics and resource systems to enable the creation of a multi-domain Common Operational Picture (COP).

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FlyteSource™— Real-time flight information data feed for developers
FlyteSource is a data feed that provides an interface to FlyteComm’s real-time flight status and weather information. Available in a wide range of data formats it is targeted at developers who create applications that rely on flight data.

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FlyteTrax III™ — Next generation flight tracking and weather display system
FlyteTrax III combines intuitive graphics, innovative map technology and an integrated Flight Information Display (FID) that shows enroute flights, weather and flight listings all in one powerful product.  Whether tracking commercial or General Aviation aircraft, FlyteTrax III gives the user the ability to see both proposed flight departures as well as enroute flight details. Built on the latest technology, FlyteTrax III processes and validates key data elements from multiple sources-all simultaneously. Tracking flights has never been easier and more accurate with minute-by-minute updates.

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WebTrax™— Real-time flight solutions for your Web site
WebTrax is a browser-based application that provides graphical representations of commercial airline flight status and weather information.

Designed to increase customer traffic and keep them longer on your web site, WebTrax is a powerful solution that brings accurate, real-time flight tracking to your site. It currently in use on over 2000 travel, business, news, and weather related sites.

Product Information and information on a 15-day trial program.

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